This intensive Diploma will help you to translate your learning into new behaviors and improvements in your capability and performance and will work through live issues impacting the industry you are in and on you directly. Working in the highly competitive market, with ever-increasing change and pressure, is probably one of the most challenging managerial roles of any Industry today. This program has been specially designed to help you transcend these challenges by training you to become equipped to see the bigger picture in all aspects of your role. It will help you build your management skills for the future and prepare you to fulfill your ambitions.

Students at Business and Engineering Colleges and graduates, professionals and entrepreneurs with technical, scientific, or specialist backgrounds e.g. IT, biotech engineers, production engineers, IT engineers, and R&D engineers who want to develop their business knowledge to support their future career. This is an intensive and challenging program, so get ready for the challenge.

10 days


  • Day 1: Program Overview
    • Orientation and Meeting with Professors
    • Working and Living in the United States
    • Introduction to Silicon Valley
    • The Future of IT Technology
    • Graduate Study & Professional Career

  • Day 2: Business English
    • Business Communication: Writing and Speaking
    • Essential Business Communication Skills
    • Business Negotiating
    • Speaking with Credibility and Confidence
    • Public Speaking and Pronunciation

  • Day 3: Strategic Management and Leadership
    • Organization and the Environment of Global Business
      Strategy Formulation and Implementation in International Business
      Organizational Leadership
      Leadership Styles and Effective Traits of Leaders

  • Day 4: Accounting and Finance
    • Basic Accounting Concepts
    • Financial Statements: Balance Sheet - Income Statement - Cash Flow Statement
    • Financial Statement Analysis
    • Stock Market Analysis and Mutual Funds
    • Case Study “Analyzing Financial Statements for Better Decision Making”

  • Day 5: Strategic Marketing
    • Value Proposition and Market Strategy
    • Defining Market Targets
    • Branding your Company
    • Social Media and the New E-Marketing Techniques
    • Case Study “Preparing complete Marketing plan for your Company”

  • Day 6: Operation Management
    • Operations Strategy in a Global Environment
    • Managing Quality
    • Supply-Chain Management
    • Project Management
    • Decision Making Tools

  • Day 7: Entrepreneurship Management and Startups
    • Generating Ideas and Identifying Opportunities
    • Creating and selling differentiated products/services
    • Business Model Innovation
    • Entrepreneurship through Acquisition
    • Entrepreneurship and Economic Development

  • Day 8: Ethics and Corporate Governance
    • History of business ethics. Shareholder Theory. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Stakeholder Theory.
    • Opportunities and challenges. Globalization. Markets and the State. Managing ethics in organizations.
    • Officers and Controlling Shareholders and Board of Directors
    • The separation of ownership and control: the role of fiduciary duties
    • Comparative modes of ethical analysis in business ethics

  • Day 9: Managerial Economics
    • Using Economics in Management Decisions, and Understanding the Seller's Costs
    • Understanding the Global Buyer's Demand
    • Understanding Global Markets and Profit Maximizing
    • International Economies of Scale and Scope
    • Relationships Between Industries: The Forces Moving Towards Long-Run Equilibrium

  • Day 10: Information Technology
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Wireless Digital Communications
    • Blockchain Technology
    • Coding
    • Cloud & Cyber Security

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