The ultimate goal for everyone is to be happy. This lesson discusses how to be happier, especially in the workplace, which in turn increases motivation, productivity, and job satisfaction. This course develops skills to enhance self-esteem and self-esteem, which are very important to professional success.

This course is for all employees of all levels who want to understand happiness in order to increase productivity, job satisfaction, and motivation, as well as people who need to improve their relationships with others on a personal and practical level.

5 days


  • Happy employees have the courage and initiative to undertake new tasks
  • Internal sources of happiness
  • Increasing labor productivity with the right physical and working environment
  • Appreciation system
  • Adopting a Happy Work Behavior Methodology: Seven Steps to Attitude Change
  • Making a decision to change now
  • Benefits of a Happy Work Culture - Happy employees are more productive and inspiring
  • The happy employees fix rather than grumble the problems of work
  • Happy employees have more energy and optimism than others
  • Happy employees have a better ability to make decisions
  • Happy employees are more loyal to their company
  • Happy employees learn faster

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