• Introducing participants to basic accounting concepts
  • Familiarizing participants with the basic financial statements, their importance, and the benefits of each financial statement
  • Analysis and interpretation of financial statements for the purpose of making management decisions
  • Use of financial statements


  • Any type of managers and supervisors
  • Any type of directors and heads of financial departments and their assistants
  • Accountants and financial analysts, all administrative levels involved in budgeting

5 days


  • Introduction to basic financial statements (reading financial statements)
  • Introduction
  • Income statement
  • Statement of profit and loss
  • Statement of financial position 
  • Profits and cash flows 
  • Drawing up profit and loss statements and statements of financial position.
  • Financial analysis as a decision-making tool
  • Definition of financial analysis 
  • Objectives of financial analysis 
  • Introduction to financial analysis
  • Sources of information needed for financial analysis 
  • Types of financial ratios used in financial analysis  Financial planning and budgeting 
  • Short-term operation plans 
  • Short-term financial plans 
  • Cash budget 
  • Estimated financial statements 
  • Assessment of the cash flow statement 
  • Current estimated budget 
  • Investment budgets

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