A five-day intensive program, for those who want to understand and implement the essential tools of Purchasing, Procurement, and Buying. Participants will learn how to evaluate procedures and make needed changes to methods to improve customer service whilst achieving significant reductions in inventories; eliminate wasteful costs; avoid internal system problems that limit performance; obtain added value for money.

This course has been designed to enhance the purchasing skills of buyers in the business, government, and the military. It is intended for buyers of all types of materials, equipment, and services who seek to strengthen their personal abilities as well as the performance of their purchasing department.

5 days


  • Day 1: Performance of Purchasing
    • Introduction to Purchasing and its contribution to the organization
    • Key Concepts
    • Purchasing Organization’s
    • The Procurement Cycle
    • Purchasing Systems

  • Day 2: Supplier Selection
    • Specifications
    • Working with End-users
    • Supplier Evaluation Criteria
    • Appropriate Supplier Methodologies
    • Total Cost Approach

  • Day 3: Tendering
    • Form of Tendering
    • Request for Information
    • Request for Quotation/Invitation to Tender
    • Tender Evaluation
    • Negotiation
    • Price Cost and Value

  • Day 4: Legal Issues
    • From Tender to Contract
    • Supplier non-performance
    • Expediting
    • Terms and Conditions
    • E-procurement fundamentals

  • Day 5: Purchasing Performance
    • Supplier Measurement
    • Vendor Rating
    • Action Planning
    • Course Review and Evaluation

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