Mena College of Management is using Safe Exam Browser (SEB) for Exams, which can be installed and run on a Windows PC or macOS.

The following operating systems are compatible with the Safe Exam Browser:

 Minimum  Recommended
 64 bit Windows 7 SP1 64 bit Windows 10
MacOS 10.13 MacOS latest

You will need to download and install a Safe Exam Browser (SEB) to conduct your Listening, Reading and Writing test. You can see full tutorial of how to install it on the following link


The Safe Exam Browser (SEB) will occupy a small amount of hard disk space on your PC or Mac. Please ensure you have sufficient free hard disk space to enable the installation to proceed.

  • Windows PC: 500 MB of free disk space required
  • Mac: 500 MB of free disk space required


The Safe Exam Browser (SEB) will be needing a minimum of a core 2 duo processor to be able to use the SEB.

Administrator Privileges

You must have Administrator Privileges on your computer to install the SEB. You cannot install it as a standard user. Administrator Privileges is also required to start, restart or close the SEB in the event of interruptions to the service.


An internet connection is required to download the Secure Exam Browser (SEB) and take the MCM Exam. The minimum and recommended internet requirements are below:

 Minimum  Recommended
Download speed: 512 Kbps Download speed: >2 Mbps
Upload speed: 512 Kbps Upload speed: >1 Mbps

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