The College organizes an orientation program at the beginning of each semester to welcome new students and their families and to introduce the students to the College facilities, services, and programs. The students will also meet the College officials and instructors.

The orientation day will include:

  1. Welcome address by the President of the College.
  2. An address by the Dean of the College that will cover the academic programs, the credit hours system, and the academic integrity standards.
  3. The student’s services officer introduces the services of the unit and encourages students to come to their office for help when needed.
  4. The Head of Learning Resource will accompany the students on a visit to the library. During this visit the librarian will discuss with the students the library code of conduct, searching for books and journals, borrowing books
  5. The group will visit the registration hall and the registrar will explain the registration policy and procedure, the grading system, and regulations governing the grade assigning.
  6. The students will be introduced to the computer labs, the communications system, and the policies concerning the use of electronic resources.
  7. The students split into groups according to their majors and each group meets with the chairperson and the program’s faculty members. The students will be informed about their programs in detail, what is expected from them and what should they expect. The academic advising will be discussed and they will be introduced to their academic advisors as well as the faculty members in their department. The students will be given the chance to ask questions.
  8. The students with their chairperson and the faculty members of their department will visit the food court and be invited by the Dean to have refreshments.

During the day and at different times the students will be entertained by music, games, and tournaments. At the end of the day, each student receives a hard copy (or Electronic Copy) of:

  1. The Student's Handbook
  2. The College's Catalog

Contact the Student Affairs Department if you have any questions:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Call us: +97143841031


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