It is a service provided to support students through the College to provide jobs and opportunities that are compatible with their experiences and distinguished capabilities through communication with the external community:

  1. Career and Employment Information
    Students will have access to employment-related information through employment and corporate websites. The College Library will have a specially designated space for access to this information

  2. Career Development Support
    The College through the student affairs will organize sessions on the following:
    • Workshops on job search
    • CV writing
    • Interview technique


It is the policy of the College that all non-working students are required to take the internship course. These courses require the students to work in a public or private organization in the last semester before graduation.

The internship coordinator at the Students affairs unit has the following responsibilities:

  1. Act as a liaison officer between the internship organization and the college,
  2. Communicate with the internship organization should a problem arise,
  3. Oversee the progress of the intern and recommend ways to improve the benefits to both the student and the internship organization,
  4. Meet regularly with the student and helps resolve any problems between the student and the internship organization,
  5. Review all documents received from the student and the internship organization,
  6. Review and grade the student’s reports, presentation, and portfolio,
  7. Contact the site supervisor and discusses his/her report and evaluation of the student. The students are required to read carefully the Internship Manual and the Internship Syllabus.

Contact the Student Affairs Department if you have any questions:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Call us: +97143841031


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