The objective of academic advising in MCM is to assist students to select the appropriate major according to their scientific potential and interests and the needs of the labor market, by means of preparing and guiding them in choosing the appropriate courses according to the academic plan. It ensures students have all possible resources and assistance that would help them make the right choices in the course of their study regarding how many credit hours to enroll in, which courses to take first, how to raise their CGPA, etc. For students with academic issues, MCM provides academic advising through faculty members, department Heads, where attention is given to assisting the students in making the right decisions to be able to raise the CGPA and planning their semester timetable.

Advisor Responsibilities

  1. To discuss and advise the students on the academic plan for each semester
  2. To monitor the students’ performance.
  3. To discuss with the students any weaknesses he/she found and propose solutions to the problems.
  4. To meet with the faculty members teaching a student they are advising in case they feel there is a problem that needs the faculty members’ attention.
  5. To advise the student on his/her career plans.
  6. To direct students to resources available for job search.
  7. Assist students with making educational plans that are consistent with his/her goals.
  8. Clarify requirements, policies, and procedures.
  9. Effectiveness in advising should be assessed, on a semester basis, by evidence generated.

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