Library users must show consideration for others and should behave in a manner that does not inconvenience, offend, or limit the rights of other users to have access to library materials, services and facilities. Users should behave in a manner that does not interfere with or otherwise prevent the Library staff from providing Library services. If the code of conduct described is not observed, disciplinary action will be taken against the offender. The following minimum standards of conduct are to be observed in the Library.

Library users should follow the following:

  • Carry your student ID card at all times and show it when requested.
  • Maintain absolute silence in the Library
  • Clear your study space when you leave and maintain a clean environment.
  • Keep books, journals, and all other items used in the Library, the library staff will return it to the correct place.
  • Be respectful and courteous with the library staff and other users.
  • Any unaccepted behavior (ex. shouting, using abusive, discriminatory, offensive language, … etc) is not allowed.
  • Food & drinks are not permitted in the Library
  • The cell phone is not permitted to use on Library premises (must be switched off or at least silent mode).
  • All activities in the library should be conducted in a quiet manner to avoid disturbing other users
  • Headphones must be used on any device that emits sound.
  • Online gaming is not permitted on any computer in the E-Library.
  • Users are required to use library equipment and facilities for designated purposes only.
  • Any transactions should be undertaken with your Student ID card and you are responsible for all materials that have been issued to you.
  • Treat all library materials with due respect and care.
  • Return all borrowed items within the specified time or when requested by the library staff to enable fair usage by all users. 
  • Refrain from misusing or damaging any furniture or equipment.
  • In case of an emergency, please refer to the emergency procedure.

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