• Book Section: Contains around 1600 printed books in all subject areas offered by the University.
  • E-Resources: Library is subscribed to various online databases, which covers, E-books & Electronic Journals, professional development collection & current news etc.
  • Circulation Service: Circulation service provides issue/return/renewal/reservation for the library resources, and it also gives ready reference services to its users.
  • Computer Lab: Library has a computer facility to access all online resources subscribed by the Library.
  • OPAC: Library patrons can find out the availability status of our MENA Library resources like books, journals, and other resources through Online Public Access Catalogue.
  • Inter-Library Loan: Library will have a tie-up with other universities for access to their library databases or other academic materials based on the library user request.
  • Current Awareness Service: Current awareness services are available to keep you up-to-date with the most recent publications and developments in your field.
  • Information Literacy Program: Conducting library orientation program for new students about sources and services to maximize utilize the library resources.

MCM Library permanently retired the traditional catalog and has now fully migrated to a new library management system and the use of E-Library, Workshops, and Open Access database.



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