The amount you pay for your tuition depends on the course you want to take. Full-time tuition is charged a flat rate that covers 126 credits per year, and any credit taken above this level will be charged an additional fee at the prevailing credit point rate.

MCM students may pay their tuition fees in one, two, or three payments. Students who make a single payment receive a 1% discount in tuition fees. Students who make three payments must pay an additional 1% surcharge on the tuition fees.

In any case, full payment must be received before the midterm exam date unless other arrangements are authorized at the time of registration by the President on the recommendation of the Finance Department. Students who have not made their full payment by that date may be barred from the examination(s) and a “WF” grade will be awarded for the relevant course(s).



 The tuition fees charged for the academic year 2020-2021 are indicated below. Fees are shown in UAE dirhams (AED).

Undergraduate DegreesFees per credit hourFees per course
(3 credit hours)
Total course fee
(126 credit hours)
Bachelor inHuman Resource Management 1,200 3,600 151,200
Bachelor in Hospitality Management 1,100 3,300 138,600
Bachelor in Healthcare Management 1,100 3,300 138,600
Bachelor in Health Informatics 1,100 3,300 138,600



Service ItemFees (AED)
Admission Application Fee (non-refundable) 1,500
Admission Fee (Visiting Student) 900
Registration Fee (each semester) 600
Summer registration (additional) 500
Graduation Fee (paid upon final clearance application) 2,000
Technology Fee (each semester) 350
ID Card Fee (each year) 50
Replacement ID Fee 100
Grade Appeal Fee (per course appealed) 200
Removal of Incomplete grade (per course) 600
Official Transcript 100
Official Letter Request (To Whom It May Concern) 70
Additional Graduation Certificate Fee 600
Penalty for bounced cheque 500
Change of Program Fee 200
Course Syllabus (printed and stamped) 100
Residency Visa Processing Fee (inside UAE) 4,000
Residency Visa Processing Fee (outside UAE) 3,500
Residency Visa Security Deposit (refundable on visa cancellation) 5,500
Residency Visa Renewal Fee 1,000
Residency Visa Cancellation (inside UAE) 500
Residency Visa Cancellation (outside UAE) 750
  • Prices effective 1 January 2021 and are inclusive of VAT
  • Actual tuition fees are paid based on credit hours taken per semester 
  • Textbooks, photocopying, personal stationery items, and other incidental costs are not included in the tuition fees.
  • MENA College of Management reserves the right to change the level of tuition and service fees annually 


If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact the Admission and Registration Department.

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