MCM offers scholarships and tuition discounts for students in several different categories:

  • Merit scholarships, based on student’s achievements either in secondary school examinations or during the student’s study at MCM
  • Charitable scholarships, based on MCM’s agreements with charitable or social service organizations
  • Strategic Partner tuition discounts, for employees of organizations who have entered agreements or MOUs with MCM
  • Professional Employee tuition discounts, for working professionals with experience in business and industry
  • Social scholarships, for nationals of the UAE or GCC countries, or countries whose embassies have entered agreements or MOUs with MCM, and to relatives of current MCM students
  • MCM employee discounts, for College employees and their immediate families

Details of the scholarships available to current or prospective students are available from the Admission and Registration Department.



  • These scholarship and discount provisions are effective from Fall Semester 2019-2020.
  • Each scholarship or discount offered must be approved by the MCM President.
  •  A student receiving any kind of scholarship or discount from an external sponsor is not eligible to receive an MCM scholarship or discount.
  •  A student is eligible for only one type of MCM scholarship/discount at one time unless special approval is granted by the President. An exception is that any student may receive a discount for early registration if this is provided.


Contact us to know if you are eligible for a scholarship or discount.

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Call us: +97143841030

WhatsApp: +971564151151

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