Welcome to MENA College of Management - MCM. MCM is an excellent choice to obtain your business and management education in the hospitality and healthcare sectors and prepare you for a successful career. Our diverse and vibrant college community is dedicated to intellectual discovery, making knowledge matter in the world, and helping students reach their highest potential.

MCM is a higher learning institution that empowers every student to discover their educational ambition. It is an honor and privilege for MCM to help students to reach their personal goals, to achieve vocational achievements, and drive them towards success. By providing sound education and industry exposure, through helping each other, by encouraging active participation in college activities we prepare students for the critical role they will play in their chosen career.

Together, students and faculty, contribute to the advancement of knowledge while embracing a sense of global citizenship and the recognition that our efforts have the potential to resonate not only throughout the UAE but across the world.

Graduates of the MENA College of Management develop into ethically minded, confident, adaptable professionals, capable of addressing the challenges of the future in a global context, all of which are considered vital to potential employers.

It’s a great time to be at MCM, we welcome you to our community.



Dr. Nancy Riad
Acting Dean

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