Salam to all,

In February 2021, Professor Bruce Taylor started a new phase of his life, closer to home, family, and old friends, hopefully, more enjoyable and hopefully not too cold. We thank Professor Bruce for all the good work he has done to the college and higher education in UAE (as commissioner of the CAA-MoE).

I started as President on the 1st of March, however, I was a member of the Board of Trustees for many years. I strongly believe that Higher Education is going through a tangible transformation and will continue to transform for the coming years. As such, we (myself and my team) are executing MCM's new strategic plan and actioning our long-term vision to be the number ONE college for management in MENA.

I’m sure that you know whose steps we are following to be #1. At the same time, we are clear that such a vision requires distinguished resources. Soon, our team will expand to include VP Academic Affairs (July 1, 2021), VP Administration and Outreach (already joined), Director of Research Centre (August 15, 2021), a new faculty member in Hospitality and Management (June 10, 2021) and 5 more distinguished faculty to join us before the start of the next academic year 2021/2022.

If you happen to stop by at the college, you will see on your right the MENA Innovation Centre, which has been established recently and supported by a special fund from the Chairman of the Board of Trustees His Excellency Mr. Mirza Al Sayegh. Activities already started and an innovative student club is in the making.

We started, already, actioning our immediate vision 3H3E, the H’s refer to our current programs in Healthcare Management, Health Informatics, Human Resources Management, and Hospitality Management. The E’s refer to Education, Entrepreneurship, and Excellence. Starting Fall 2021 we are going to offer the newly branded programs “Excellence in H” where our students will live into a new experience of learning; progressing through the education plans to earn the B.Sc. degree, innovate, experience excellence first hand through fieldwork with distinguished leaders in the field and action their dreams to make it a reality.

We are excited about what we are doing and believe strongly that education must be exciting.

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