Our Long Term Vision

MENA College of Management will be the number 1 Management College in MENA.

Our Immediate Vision

3H3E: MCM aspires to be regionally recognized for high-quality education, transformative entrepreneurship, and overall excellence in the management of health, hospitality, and human resources.


In pursuit of its vision, MENA College of Management commits itself to:

  • aligning its plans with the visions of Dubai and the UAE for higher education, research, and innovation;
  • supporting the creation, adoption, dissemination, and utilization of knowledge through research;
  • maintaining collaborations and engagement with schools, business and industry, government bodies, professional associations, partner institutions, and the community at large;
  • producing globally competent graduates who can make a difference in society, ensuring the highest academic standard of its programs, and focusing its attention on continuously improving its educational programs to enable ever-increasing learners' success,
  • enabling each learner, faculty, and staff member to achieve distinction and personal mastery in his/her chosen field.

Core Values

Core ValueKeywords
Collegiality Colleagues, Equals, Diversity
Integrity Ethical, Moral, Societal Values
Fairness Equal Opportunity, Merit-Based
Excellence Welcome, Accept Challenges, and Thrive
Student Centric / Lifelong Learning

Lifelong relationship and partnering
Be all that you can be

Personal Mastery/Society Enablers Place for realizing big dreams/Community Engagement and Service
I3 Involve Include Integrate
Agility Lean Flexible Dynamic Responsive
Creativity Innovative Critical Thinker

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