Dr. Poonam Singh 
Associate Professor
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Dr. Poonam Singh holds a Doctoral Degree in Anthropology from Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, USA. Formerly, she served in several senior leadership positions in higher education for nearly two decades. While she was as a Provost / Vice President Academic Affairs, and earlier as the Dean, she also pursued her passion to teach behavioral and social sciences. Her research interests include human behavior and gender issues. Previously she worked as a Community Development Specialist for United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (Habitat, Nairobi, Kenya) project in Nepal and subsequently as a Rural Sociologist in Myanmar. As a teaching assistant at Syracuse University and was also awarded a Junior Fellowship by AIIS for research in India.



AuthorsPaper TitlePublished
S. Samadi,
Poonam Singh
The Role of HRM in TQM implementation in Education Industry and Faculty Performance

The Asian Conference on the Social Sciences

Ravikiran Dwivedula,
Poonam Singh,
Mehran Azaran

Gen Z: Where are we now, and Future Pathways

Journal of HRM
2019, Vol. 22, Issue 2, pp. 28-40
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S. Samadi,
Poonam S,
Ravikiran D

Quality Management in Higher Education: A Comprehensive Literature Review and Case Study of American College of Dubai

International Journal of Management in Education

S.Samadi ,
Ravikiran D,
Poonam S
Institutional Effectiveness as a Tool in Creating Quality Assurance in Higher Education Management

International Journal of Innovative Business Strategies (IJIBS)
2018, Vol. 4, Issue 2, pp. 208-212
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