Maysoon Al Kaisi
Lecturer /General Education Coordinator
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Maysoon Alkaisi has over 10 years of progressive academic and counseling experience in the post-secondary and higher education sector including, advising, counseling, coordinating, recruiting students, and teaching English communication skills, Business communication management, Critical thinking, etc. She has been awarded the Master of Arts in English Linguistics and Communication Skills and a Bachelor of Education, so she fully understands the need for academic advisement and program planning in higher education environments. She has work experience in diverse educational settings where she has been actively involved in students’ academic and work choices, advising students regarding educational issues like courses and programs selection, class scheduling and registration, and career planning. Moreover, she advises them to understand and overcome personal, social, and behavioral problems that affect their educational and academic situations. In this capacity, she has been able to be an effective advisor in facing problems at work, university, and family life.


AuthorsPaper TitlePublished

Anuar Ishak Khairol,
Maysoon Alkaisi

Using the Higher Education Performance Framework to Student Loyalty Among Private Higher Education Students in the UAE International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology
2020, Vol. 29, Issue 9s, pp. 326-337
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Khairol Anuar Ishak,
Maysoon Alkaisi

Examining the Factors that Enhance Students’ Happiness in Higher Education Institutions: A Case Study in a Private Higher Education Institution in the UAE. International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change
2019, Vol. 8, Issue 2, pp. 72- 89
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Khairol Anuar Bin Ishak,
Maysoon Alkaisi
Re-visiting PERMA framework on the relationship between students’ happiness and higher education institutions in the UAE. Innovation Arabia 12 Proceedings (Quality and Business Conference)
Maysoon Alkaisi The Role of Private Universities in Building Knowledge Society: A Case Study of Private Universities in United Arab Emirates.

International Journal of Management and Business Research.
2018 Vol. 8, Issue 2, pp. 189-205.

Maysoon Alkaisi Factors Of Quality Standards in The Teaching Process in Higher Education Institutions and Its Impact on The Students Satisfaction: A Case Study of a Private University in Dubai International Journal of Advanced Research
2017, Vol. 5, Issue 2, pp. 549-557
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