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Course description Developing the skills of trainers in the effective and efficient delivery of the educational process and providing them with advanced skills in the field of learning and human development, providing them with modern skills that contribute to their level of effectiveness in the field of learning. The audience

  • Government spokespersons
  • Media Advisors
  • Trainers
  • HR managers
  • Sales and Marketing managers


  • Introduction and definition of training
  • Concept and purpose of training 
  • Types of training 
  • The scientific foundations of training 
  • Training principles and conditions for success 
  • Development of a training system 
  • Goal setting phase of training programs 
  • The stage of defining training methods
  • Preparation and implementation of presentations
  • Time management 
  • How to deal with participants who have a difficult mood 
  • Strategy to overcome embarrassing situations

Training period
5 days

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