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MCM's academic programs address a large scope of managerial, business and industry requirements.

Whether you're high school student looking for Bachelor Degrees options or an employee looking for career development,

the MENA College of Management is the right choice.

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calenLibrary Services

MCM Library provides access to educational resources

  • Book Section: Contains around 1600 printed books in all subject areas offered by the University.
  • E-Resources: Library is subscribed to various online databases, which covers, E-books & Electronic Journals, professional development collection & current news etc.
  • Circulation Service: Circulation service provides issue/return/renewal/reservation for the library resources, and it also gives ready reference services to its users.
  • Computer Lab: Library has a computer facility to access all online resources subscribed by the Library.
  • OPAC: Library patrons can find out the availability status of our MENA Library resources like books, journals, and other resources through Online Public Access Catalogue.
  • Inter-Library Loan: Library will have a tie-up with other universities for access to their library databases or other academic materials based on the library user request.
  • Current Awareness Service: Current awareness services are available to keep you up-to-date with the most recent publications and developments in your field.
  • Information Literacy Program: Conducting library orientation program for new students about sources and services to maximize utilize the library resources.

MCM Library permanently retired the traditional catalog and has now fully migrated to a new library management system and the use of E-Library, Workshops, and Open Access database.



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